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I fully expect to have a pretty serious case of post traumatic stress disorder going on after Rowan is through with me.

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As you read in my boy's post, yesterday was a sad day for us. Heart breaking news. My heart goes out to my MIL and her family. I wanted to go to Colorado to help but tickets just cost too much. Made the day even sadder. Sigh.

I spend most of yesterday afternoon getting a root canal and was feeling kind of sorry for myself. Yeah, I got over that pretty damn fast. My root canal was not that bad. My boy kept the girl and made life much easier as a result. Girl survived time away from the boobies ok. So did the boy.

Our life is golden. Really.

So, kiss your lover, spouse, child, friends, dog, chicken...whomever. And remember how fragile life is and enjoy the fuck out of it. Really, go now.
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Sorry about the messed up tag on my pic earlier...LJ is not my friend today. On the other hand, can you stand the cuteness of the poopies? They actually formed a heart on their little bed together. Morrigan and I are going to eat ourselves sick on Necco Hearts.
Happy VD.
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Thank You :)

Not having the time to respond to each of you who said sweet things about our baby - I have to say Thank You! She is the most amazing creature in the world and I am absolutely smitten.

Hugs to all.
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Even though we still have the Great Souther Death Cold here in Southern Maryland, I managed to just whip up some Ginger Snaps. Who knew, I can bake!

Yes, I am a housewife. :)
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The baby and I arrived home with some form of the Great Southern Death Cold. My poor girlie is very sickies and extremely grumpy about it. She is coughing away as I type this -- no drugs in our home pharmacy seem to be helping her. I seem to be about a day behind her on the throat hurts and my head won't stop pounding. Yuck.

As my boy pointed out, every time we go to Wal-Mart, Morrigan and I get sick. I was forced to go twice while in Georgia and South Carolina. The Universe has spoken loudly. I shall never set foot in another Wal-Mart, I swear it so right here.

WALMART = EVIL EMPIRE. What was I thinking?? Off to give the girl a steam bath and a massage with some Vicks. My poor chickie.
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